Clients & Key Projects

Our Clients through the years.

How We work

By Project

- Workload is assessed, deliverables are discussed with the client and a quote is presented.
- Additional coverage is provided for bugs for a time period.
- Ideal for projects with clear and fixed objectives.


- Our team integrates with the client’s R&D team in order to do the research.
- Goals may be dynamically updated and changed.
- Ideal for projects in “research mode”.

Key Projects

Do Tank


Place: Paris, France 2016

Collective intelligence asynchronous system.

Unified knowledge collection.

Accessible platform through all the company.

Maestro Suite

Client: C3 Internacional 

Place: CDMX, Mexico 2013 - 2016

Integral platform with tools:

     Idea generation and analysis.

     Root chaining.

     Scenario building.

Security Perception

Client: State Government (Security)

Place: Guanajuato, Mexico 2014- 2015

Asynchronous platform for survey in mobile devices.

Platform for analysis with geo-referencing.